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Registration is OPEN for the 2023-2024 school year.  We do have a wait-list for new, incoming families.  Please email us at f3wacotx@gmail.com to be added to the list.  We will work the list after our current families have registered.


Helping Children Grow in Christ

Faith-Family-Friends (F3) is a low budget co-op based on the Biblical idea that the body of Christ should bless one another with the gifts and talents that God has given us and encourage each other in the calling of home schooling. F3 is a true volunteer co-op that has been operating on a $0 budget for over 10 years. We believe in sharing the skills and blessings that we have been given to bless the body of Christ. Our parent/parents must stay at the co-op either teaching or helping in some way. Our first class for all age groups is Science…mostly Apologia.  We have two class periods after lunch. We take children from birth to 12th grade (must be 18 or younger as of Sept 1). Our mission is to cover classes our students need and that are developmentally appropriate for our kids. There will be a building use fee of $150 per family for the year.  Each class has a small fee for the year to cover supplies used for the classes. These fees are paid directly to the teachers. We are all volunteers, and no one is paid. We clean the church when we leave to make sure that we are a blessing to them and continue to have a safe place to meet. Grades are only given to students in high school and some Jr. high classes. Please take a look at our website and join our public Facebook page: “F3 Waco Faith, Family, & Friends“.

Email us at f3wacotx@gmail.com for more information.

Mission Statement/Statement of Faith/Responsibilities