*Currently, basic supplies are good. We need every family to bring 1 roll of paper towels. We could use 2-3 refill hand soap bottles (we have plenty of smaller pumps at this time.) We will re-access as needed and let needs be known.



***Class information will be updated as I get the information from the teachers.

First Hour

Pre K-2nd — Zoology III Land Animals/Art

  • Pencils
  • Washable Crayons
  • Colored Pencils
  • Glue Sticks
  • Kid Scissors
  • Spiral Notebook
  • $10 Class Fee
  • 1st & 2nd grade  students will need Junior Notebook Journal. Here

3rd-4th — Botany

  • Exploring Creation with Botany Textbook Here
  • Exploring Creation with Botany JUNIOR Workbook Here 
  • Color pencils/ Crayons
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • $10 Class Fee

5th-6th — Anatomy & Physiology 

  • Exploring Creation with Anatomy & Physiology Textbook Here
  • Exploring Creation with Anatomy & Physiology Workbook Here
  • Pens/ Pencils
  • Color Pencils
  • Scissors
  • 3×5 Note cards
  • $20 Class Fee

7th-8th — General Science

  • Exploring Creation with General Science Book Here
  • Exploring Creation with General Science Student Notebook Here
  • Composition Book for note taking
  • 3×5 Index Cards
  • Highlighters
  • Pens
  • $20 Class Fee

Biology (9th-12th)

  • Exploring Creation with Biology *2nd Ed Book
  • [This book is out of print, but can be found used within the co-op or online. We also have a few co-op copies for sale. Please email us at for availability.]
  • 3×5 Index Cards (note cards)
  • Spiral Notebook (3-subject)
  • Pens
  • Highlighters
  • Colored Pens or Pencils
  • $25 Class Fee

Chemistry (10th-12th — Prerequisite Algebra 1)

  • Discovering Design with Chemistry Book Here
  • Discovering Design with Chemistry Workbook** Here
    • **The Workbook is optional. It will provide a dedicated space for the homework assignments, but a spiral is acceptable. We will be creating our own lab book.
  • Spiral/Binder for notes/ homework
  • Lab Book (Graph Composition) Here
    • This will ONLY be used for labs. Must be separate from homework and notes.
  • Calculator
    • Any calculator will do. Does not need to be a scientific calculator, but it helps. Example
  • Index Cards 3×5
  • $25 Class Fee

Advanced Biology/The Human Body (10th-12th)

  • Exploring Creation with Advanced Biology -The Human Body Book Here
  • Exploring Creation with Advanced Biology – The Human Body Journal Here
  • Human Body Coloring Book (OPTIONAL, but recommended) Here
  • Binder/ Brad Folder for notes
  • 3×5 Index Cards
  • $25 Class Fee

Strategic Spelling & Writing (5th-12th)

Required Textbooks:
1.  Basic Winston Grammar-Student Pack $15-$18  (each student needs this book)
2. Writing Skills Activities for Special Children $30-35 (**see note below**) 
3.  The Power in Your Hands: Writing Nonfiction in High School Textbook (Student Edition)   $40-45  (**see note below**)

Optional Grammar Workbook for Homework/Extra Practice:Basic Winston Grammar-Supplemental Student Workbook & Answer Key  $15-$18 

**NOTE:  Your student will only need ONE writing textbook.  If your student cannot write easily without help, order #2.  If your student can read and write at a high school level, but needs more essay writing practice, order #3.  

  • $20 Class Fee

Second Hour

Pre K-3rd — Five in a Row

Five in a Row (FIAR) is a literature-based curriculum that uses picture books to teach a variety of different subjects. We will focus on one children’s book every week and will engage in various enrichment activities for each story.

  • Scissors
  • Crayons
  • 3 Glue Sticks
  • Pencils
  • $10 Class Fee

K-6th — Missions

  • Crayons
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • One t-shirt to wear over their clothing that they don’t mind getting dirty…. this could be an older siblings… one that will completely cover them. I’ll wash them (if that’s ok with parents) after every use.
  • Also, I’ll send out a “consent” to eat the snack each month we have one with whatever place we’re studying. That way I know of any allergies. 
  • $10 Class Fee

4th-6th — Cooking

  • This is a hands on cooking class. We will focus on traditional dishes made from scratch.
  • Apron (optional)
  • $25 Class Fee

7th-12th — Art

Class description: Learning art basics through drawing, painting, and clay.

  • For those who want recommendations, some supply stores I am familiar with are MC Art (local), Hobby Lobby,, and Amazon.
  • Student grade paints are appropriate for student learners & more affordable, but feel free to buy higher quality if you like.
  • Also feel free to use supplies you already have at home! It may be possible for siblings to share some supplies together, helping with cost.

Supply ListPrintable List

  • Watercolors, basic colors tube set — usually is around 6-10 colors, approx  8 ml tubes. This varies between brands.
  • Acrylic paints, basic color tube set — usually has 5-8 tubes, around 60 ml each.
  • Paintbrush set, with sizes up to 1” — synthetic is good for both watercolor and acrylic paint. Brushes shouldn’t be too floppy.
  • Black rollerball pen
  • Fine-point sharpie marker
  • Pink eraser
  • Drawing pencil set — a range from HB to 6B, plus one Ebony pencil.
  • Hand held pencil sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Sketchbook, approx 9×12”
  • 1 poster board
  • Optional: apron or large T-shirt to use as a smock
  • Optional: drawing board. Otherwise, I will supply a piece of mat board for transporting art between home and the classroom.
  • 2 Paint palettes. These can be found pretty  cheaply, but you can also be creative with this (ie a small, old cookie sheet).
  • A bag or bin to carry your supplies back and forth is helpful.
  • $30 Class Fee
  • Needed on the First Day

7th-12th — World History — Ancient History

  • Class Description
  • Bible
  • Access to the internet or library
  • Ancient History Timeline, by Rea Berg
  • Binder with 4 dividers
  • Lined Paper
  • lead pencil
  • a set of colored pencils (soft tips recommended) or a set of fine-tip felt pens
  • ink pen or fine-tip felt pen—black ink only
  • ruler or straight edge
  • $10 Class Fee

Pre-Algebra (7th-10th)

  • -Math U See Pre-Alg Student Pack Here
  • Teacher set with video (optional) Here
  • $5 Class Fee

Algebra 2 (9th-12th)

  • Math U See Alg 2 Student pack Here
  • Teacher set with video (optional) Here
  • Calculator
    • Any calculator will do. Does not need to be a scientific calculator, but it helps. Example
  • $5 Class Fee

Spanish 1+ 9th-12th

  • Spanish 1+ 9th-12th Textbook & Class Fee: $60*

*The $60 class fee includes the textbook set, which will be purchased from the publisher at the discounted teacher price ($40).  If you choose to buy the set from one of the links below, the $20 class fee will be due on the first day. The class fee includes a Spanish-English dictionary. 

  • ** I will send out an email to the F3 Google Group two weeks before orientation for your order.  Payment is due at orientation.**

On your own purchase option 1

On your own purchase option 2


PreK-3rd — Music/Art

Growing in grace is a Christ centered curriculum. This class will engage students in reading music, learning rhythms through activities and games. They will learn the basics of singing through worship music. They will be learning how to use instruments such has rhythm sticks, homemade drums, shaker bottle and bells. Also, art/crafts will be incorporated to go along with each lesson. 

  • $10 Class Fee

K-2nd — History for Little Pilgrims

Little Pilgrims Class Description

2nd-6th — Structured PE

In this class, we will play and experience traditional games and perform exercises designed to improve hand-eye coordination, visual  processing, auditory processing, and balance.

  • 2-4 bean bags to practice at home (OPTIONAL)
  • $10 Class Fee

4th-6th — Word in Motion-Old Testament

  • Word in Motion – Old Testament Book and Journal (set) Here
  • $10 Class Fee

7th-12th — Art

See list in 2nd period section. Class is the same. It is offered both 2nd and 3rd periods.

7th-12th — Theater/Drama

  • One composition book (black and white)
  • Pens/Pencils
  • $20 Class Fee

7th-12th — Old Testament Study

Class will consist of 32 lessons and 184 Old Testament terms to build a foundation of
Bible knowledge. Students will be encouraged to develop the habit of working with the
text of the Bible itself and learn asked questions like: What are the facts of the story?
Who is who? Who did what? Why did they do it? What did God promise? How did God
act? How does this story point to the work of Jesus?
The Old Testament terms provide the student with a concrete vocabulary of many of the
important people, places, and events of the Old Testament. These terms and their
definitions are intended to form a framework and vocabulary for understanding God’s
saving activity in the Old Testament, for listening to the Scriptures as they are read at
church and at home, and for confessing the faith in one’s life. The terms will be learned
chronologically according to their occurrence in the Old Testament. These terms will
help provide a strong foundational knowledge of the entire Old Testament.

  • Sample of Syllabus and Terms
  • Bible: English Standard Version (ESV) or other version
  • Spiral Notebook
  • Pens
  • Highlighter safe for Bible (optional)
  • $15 Class Fee — includes textbook

Algebra 1 (8th-10th)

  • Math U See Alg 1 Student pack Here
  • Teacher set with video (optional) Here
  • $5 Class Fee

Geometry (9th-12th)

  • Math U See Geometry Student pack Here
  • Teacher set with video (optional) Here
  • Calculator
    • Any calculator will do. Does not need to be a scientific calculator, but it helps. Example
  • $10 Class Fee (this includes a protractor/compass set that will be provided)

Spanish II/III

  • Spanish 2 (1st semester only)Textbook & Class Fee: $50
    • Class Fee Only:  $10
  • Spanish 2 and 3 (both semesters)Textbook & Class Fee:  $60
    • Class Fee Only:  $20
  • The textbooks must be purchased as a set and will be used for both Spanish 2 and 3.  If you purchase the set from one of the links below, the class fee only will be due on the first day.

** I will send out an email to the F3 Google Group two weeks before orientation for your order.  Payment is due at orientation.**

On your own purchase option 1

On your own purchase option 2

After Co-op/Clubs [3:00pm-4:00pm]

Mock Trial (7th-12th)

We need at least 6 HS students in F3 to meet after school to form a MT team to participate in the Regional Competition. 

The meetings would include reading/knowing the rules for competing, reading/memorizing the case once it’s released and analyzing and preparing both sides: both a case for guilt and innocence. To compete well, everyone needs to repeatedly act out/practice as a witness their testimony, and as an attorney their Direct/Cross-examination questions. It also includes two attorneys on Defense and two on Prosecution preparing and delivering an Opening Statements and a Closing Argument. Summing it up (with an old adage), tell them what you’re going to tell them (Opening Statement), and then tell them (Direct/Cross-examination questions), and then tell them what you told them (Closing Argument). Mock Trial Class/Competition is through February or March with preparation beginning after school once school starts.

It was $175 per team for us to participate in Mock Trial last year, so each mom chipped in about $30 per student to register to compete.  Fees will depend on the group size.

  • Supplies and Fees will be discussed during meetings