Co-op Policy

Welcome to a new year of F3 Co-op!  We are looking forward to working with you and your student(s) as we explore God’s creation through education.

The Faith-Family-Friends google group will allow you to receive vital co-op and class information, as well as permit us to encourage each other in Christ and on our homeschooling journey.  The loop is not for political opinions, direct sales business or negative feedback/venting.

Co-op will meet weekly from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, with breaks for holidays.  All parents help weekly in some capacity and are required to remain on site.

We are non-profit.  A building use fee has been assessed to cover the use of a facility.  A supply fee for each class may be assessed by the teachers.  In the event of special circumstances, only students 7th grade & up may attend co-op without parental attendance, as long as the wellness guidelines are met and another adult has been designated as their responsible party.  This is not the norm and must be approved by the coordinators of the co-op.  Grades will be given for high school and some junior high level classes.  Grades can be given in elementary classes upon request.

Wellness Policy

Those with symptoms common to contagious illnesses will not be admitted to co-op as long as they persist or within 24 hours of co-op.  If ANYONE in the family exhibits any of the symptoms listed below, the ENTIRE family should remain at home.  Such symptoms could include, but are not limited to:

continuous runny nose
productive cough
draining skin rashes/other contagious skin conditions (ringworm, warts, etc)
vomiting and/or diarrhea
fever of 99 degrees or higher


ALLERGIES: (not contagious) Red, swollen, watery eyes, sneezing, headaches, spasmodic coughing, hives, rash, gas pains, vomiting, diarrhea, eczema, nose rubbing.
CHICKEN POX: (extremely contagious) Fever may appear one day prior to observance of skin lesion. Lesions are small, clear blisters about the size of a match head. Usually starts in warm, dark places like the underarms and, often, behind ears and neck. Blisters are easily broken and quickly form itchy crusts or scabs. Contagious until all lesions no longer ooze and are crusted over.
COLDS/FLU: (contagious) Sneezing, running or stuffy nose, flushed cheeks, dull looking eyes, little appetite, may have slight fever or cough.
CONJUNCTIVITIS (Pink Eye): (contagious) Sore, red eyes, with yellow discharge.
DIAPER RASH: (few are contagious) Small, red pimples or patches of rough, shiny, itchy red skin. Pimples may develop white heads or become raw. Diapers have ammonia smell.
EAR INFECTION: (not contagious) Infants become irritable, fussy, sleep short intervals, awake crying, act hungry, may pull at ears.
OPEN WOUNDS: (some could be contagious) Any open wound that has not scabbed over or is weeping.
RINGWORM: (very contagious) Circular lesions, outer part slightly raised, intense itching and smarting. Lesions may ooze, become secondarily infected.
ROSEOLA (Baby Measles): (contagious) Onset is abrupt—usually high fever for 3 days, restlessness, fretfulness, irritability, poor appetite. Does not appear contagious or seriously ill and may be playful. On the fourth day, the fever drops to normal. Blotchy red rash appears on head and trunk. Lasts 3 days.
SCARLET FEVER: (contagious) Sore throat, fever, lethargy, loss of appetite, possible vomiting, and fine pinpoint rash appears within 24 to 48 hours. Most noticeable under arms, abdomen and thighs, face usually flushed, pale around mouth and tongue has strawberry-like appearance.

Discipline Policy

In order for F3 to run smoothly, we want to urge our children to be respectful of adult authorities at co-op, both teachers and assistants, as well as staff members of the facility in use. The following guidelines are outlined below for your benefit.

If a student is told of a problem by an adult and he/she responds disrespectfully, does not correct the problem, has repeated corrections, or if the offense is considered serious by the observant adult, the following procedure may be implemented:

Parental Notification – the observant adult will inform the parent of the situation and expect the parent to discipline the student accordingly.

Parental Supervision – If a student requires further discipline, the student can be required to have a parent with him/her at all times.

Dismissal – Failure to comply with parental supervision can result in dismissal from co-op. Also, some offenses, such as possession of firearms or drugs, bullying, etc., can result in immediate dismissal from co-op. Area co-ops share the names of negligent families.

Student Guidelines

Mission Statement/Statement of Faith/Responsibilities